New icon: Riesz from Seiken Densetsu 3.

Time to leave again… I was so engrossed in Super Metroid that I wasn’t even using the internet… I’m on my way to Ridley now, but I was recovering health first.

Wow, I just used the Grapple Beam on the electricity, and it drained Draygon’s health in seconds! And I thought IT was cheap!

Looks like it’s time to leave… Well, I’ve got Super Metroid on an emulator, and I’m preparing to download Di Gi Charat (next on my anime list), so I should be busy until the next time I can come to the library.

Aniki…why don’t you respond to my messages? It’s been over a month… Come on…


Today, I’m going to tell you about how ridiculously overpowered the Nova Beam is.
The Nova Beam is the second-to-last upgrade you obtain in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, before the Hyper Grapple. It is the most powerful non-Phazon Beam. (The Hyper Beam is stronger, but it uses Phazon. For more info, refer to the Metroid Wiki.) It has the capability to shoot through Phazite walls, and certain enemies have weak spots that can be targeted when used in conjunction with the X-ray Visor for a one-hit kill. And, of course, you can charge it up to do more damage. It’s my favorite Beam weapon thus far (tied with the Annihilator Beam from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes).
Now, there’s an enemy that you first encounter early on in the game. It’s called a Reptilicus, and you find it on the planet Bryyo. It looks a lot like a lizard (hence the name) but is rather large (about the same height as Samus when on its hind legs) and wields an energy whip and some kind of boomerang. It can also teleport short distances.
Fully-charged blasts from the Nova Beam can take it down in four shots. (They have excellent stamina.) For comparison, I’ll use the cold-infused Ice Missile (which is also found on Bryyo). Now, it’s possible to use the Seeker Missile, which fires up to five missiles to do more damage by locking on and adding more than one target to the enemy, but without that, you can take out a Reptilicus in two shots.
See what I mean? The strongest beam in the game is so overpowered that it can’t do more damage than an Ice Missile, which is also obtained near the beginning.
So does that make Ice Missiles the game’s +1 Sword? No. What about the Seeker Missile? Still no. Here’s why: With Hyper Mode, you have the Hyper Missile. It’s even stronger than five missiles on one target. So then that’s the +1 Sword? STILL no. Even though it’s about halfway through the game that you get it, like all Metroid games with it, the Screw Attack is still the most powerful power-up. The Screw Attack is the Metroid equivalent of Falcon Punch.

I just realized that when I wrote this, I forgot that exposure to Phazon and/or consumption of Fuel Gel has increased Bryyo’s natives’ resistance to heat and vulnerability to cold. The effects of the Plasma Beam carry over to the Nova Beam, meaning that the latter retains heat damage from the former. So the Nova Beam has a reduced effect on the Reptilicus, while Ice Missiles have an increased effect.

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simon-yorke replied to your post “Started to watch Expiration Date again…and… WAITWAITWAITWAIT …”

every single tf2 video since meet the scout has had that

Well, to be totally honest, I’m a bit out of touch when it comes to TF2. I’ve only been a fan for around two years. That aside, I have seen most of the videos, but usually I’m paying attention to other things in the title.

Started to watch Expiration Date again…and…






Damn it to hell! I haven’t heard anything from Aniki in a month… He sometimes disappears for a few days when he gets depressed…but the longest I’ve been without hearing from him was two weeks… I really hope I didn’t go too far with what I said…