Some of Guilty Gear’s strongest, in no certain order (Sol is getting cut off a little, so click for the full size):
1. Potemkin
YES, HE’S HUMAN. As a slave, the red collar he wears is set to explode should he attempt to remove it. As one might expect from his bulk, he’s a very hard hitter, but consequently he is very slow and has low jumps. He’s also rather gentle and dislikes fighting, though when necessary he doesn’t hesitate. His red gauntlets are able to shoot short-range bullets.

2. Testament
An orphan born during the Crusades, adopted by Kliff Undersn. He became a soldier during the war, but he was unfit for combat due to his gentle personality and aversion to violence. The Post-War Administration Bureau transformed him into a Gear so he could gain strength and impress Kliff, but he was turned against the humans by Justice.

3. Kliff Undersn
He joined the Sacred Order of Holy Knights after being saved from a Gear attack by Sol Badguy when he was rather young. He quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became commander, and was given the sword of his choice, the Dragonslayer. He once fought for seven days and nights against the Megadeath Gear Hydra, which had five heads and many sword limbs. Though he could not utterly destroy it, the Order was able to seal it due to his efforts. He was forced to battle his foster son Testament, ending with Testament’s retreat. He also led Ky Kiske (future rival of Sol Badguy) to join the Order and also recruited Sol himself. Kliff was incredibly powerful and had deadly range (leading him to be banned from most official tournaments, along with Justice), but like Potemkin he is very slow. He met his end during his final confrontation with Justice in the first game.

4. “That Man”
Creator of the Gears, seeking redemption for causing the Crusades (it was not entirely his fault, as Justice rebelled in the belief that the human race was beneath the Gears). Frederick (Sol’s original name) and Aria accompanied him in spearheading the Gear Project. He has considerable knowledge, especially of the Crusades.

5. Sol Badguy
Main character. Not much is known about his past (which is rather common in this series, really). He wields a mighty sword called Fireseal, which enhances his inherit power over fire and has the potential to slay Gears. He himself is a (converted) Gear, which is how he managed to live for over 170 years. His most notable feat is the destruction of Justice, the Commander Gear responsible for the one hundred-year war between the humans and Gears known as the Crusades.

6. Justice
The Commander Gear herself. At the end of the Crusades, she defeated Kliff Undersn, Ky Kiske, and even Sol Badguy, who was then revealed to be a Gear. She attempted to control him, but this failed as he was created before her. The ensuing confusion allowed the Sacred Order to seal her in an inter-dimensional prison and end the war. Five years later (i.e. during the first game), she is resurrected by Testament and begins her assault anew. She is able to defeat Kliff, Ky (who was enraged at the death of his master), but Sol stops her. In her last moments, she begins to remember her former life as Aria, Sol’s former lover, and wishes that the three of them (her, Frederick, and That Man) could meet again. Before Accent Core + R, she was the most overpowered character in all games, with insane attack, defense, speed, and reach. She also possesses an incredible move called Valkyrie Arc that can counter all attacks, including Overdrives and Instant Kills. The only handicap she has is that her Overdrives (GG’s name for super moves) are hard to pull off. Much like Kliff, she is banned from official tournaments. She was retooled in AC+R, drastically reducing her stats and mobility, though she is given new moves to compensate for it.
**Of the games I have, none have either Kliff or Justice (they have only appeared in the first game, GGX+, GGXX, GGXXAC+, and AC+R), but I have seen a fair bit of action from both.

I’m not lying. She’s one of the strongest and most dangerous characters in the games. She gets it from her mother, JUSTICE (though how exactly this happened is unknown). Being a pacifist, she holds back against all opponents. However, in later games, she willingly fights for her friends (yes, like Ike). She can shapeshift her body parts to an extent (which most of her moves involve). Another trait carried down from Justice is that her Overdrives are hard to perform, and her Gamma Ray consumes her entire Tension Gauge. Her attack is high and she has fair reach, but her defense is slightly below average. She’s my best character all around, especially in her EX Mode in Accent Core, which offers many bonuses with nearly no drawbacks.


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